The Impact Of Andrew Jackson On The 20 Dollar Bill

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Andrew Jackson really fit to be on the twenty dollar bill, I think so, but does the historical evidence really prove that? There are many qualities that one should have to be on US currency. One example quality is leadership Andrew Jackson has a lot of leadership through his work in the army. Another quality that someone should have to be on US currency is respected by Americans. Andrew Jackson is respected by a lot of Americans in many different ways.Andrew Jackson should be on the twenty dollar bill because he was respected by a lot of Americans, he was an amazing leader and made a very good impact on the United States of America. Andrew Jackson should stay on the twenty dollar bill because he was respected by most Americans. Andrew Jackson …show more content…

Andrew Jackson Fought against the British in war. Jackson Fighting against the British makes a really big impact on the Americans because they know that they have a president that will fight for them and it shows a quality of leadership that he led the troops and thought against the British. Andre Jackson was called a “military hero”. He was called a “military hero”, which takes great leadership, and makes a big impact because being a military hero consists of wars and battles, and that tells our Country that he really loved and wants to make your country better. Andrew Jackson Survived captivity. He survived captivity, which made him strong throughout all the things that he’s been through. In the wars he Controlled the troops very much. He controlled the troops which was a very good thing because he had a trip of many different people, and he will be booking to control them and win in many battles with courage and leadership. Jackson won The Battle of New Orleans/ the war of 1812. He won the battle of New Orleans and 1812 with his truth, which shows a great amount of leadership and courage. Jackson and his wife Raised a Native American orphan and adopted son. Him and his wife Raising a Native American orphan, who was an adopted son with his wife, makes a very big impact on the Americans, because it shows that our president cares about …show more content…

In the article Andrew Jackson on the website biography it says, He Was nicknamed “king mob”. Even though they nicknamed him king mob that was not that bad for him because it showed he had a lot of power. According to the miller center “After becoming president, Jackson did not submit to Congress in policy-making and was the first president to assume command with his veto power. While prior presidents rejected only bills they believed unconstitutional, Jackson set a new precedent by wielding the veto pen as a matter of policy” Some people this is not good, but for Andrew Jackson and the presidency this is amazing because the presidents are able to use the power that they were given to them. Andre Jackson owned slaves. But,Even though Andrew Jackson has sleeves and we think that’s a really big deal now, the fact that every white man in America honestly if they were rich didn't really matter. In the article Andrew Jackson Life in Presidency it tells us that Andrew Jackson pushed for the Indian Removal act. Even though he was a big pusher for the Indian Removal Act and it passed, it cleared up the American land for crops and new areas to make improvements in the land. This connects the qualities that someone should have in the US by being able to use the power that you were given and being able to be powerful and

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