Compare And Contrast Jackson And Indian Removal

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President Jackson was described as representing the beliefs of the “average” American because at the time most Americans were for expanding the territory of the United States so that their population could grow without being an overpopulated area. They also wanted to remove Indians from their territory so that this would be possible. Some people got the idea that if the Indians were not going to benefit the United States that they were a waste of space. They thought the Indians should be removed from the land that they had owned for thousands of years just so the U.S. could expand. A lot of Americans also saw Indian removal as one less thing that was needed to be done to get the United States to be an all- white nation. President Jackson supported the Indian removal with most of the rest of the nation, which he represented, giving him the opportunity to represent the “average” American citizen in the 1800s.

Jackson called for the removal of Indians because he, along with the majority of the nation, wanted the United States population to be all white. “One more step toward making the United States a white man’s country.” He wanted more land for the population of the United States to take over, which happened to be the …show more content…

They also made a newspaper that was printed in both Cherokee and English. Another step was they went to the Supreme Court and there was a decision that the Indians should still have sovereign rights. This failed only because Georgia did not obey the decision. Because most of the people in country wanted the Indians gone, no one cared that Georgia didn’t follow through with the decision. Jackson also discovered other ways to work around what the Cherokees had taken to court, legally. Even if Georgia had gone along with the decision made, Jackson would have done nothing to enforce it and make sure that everyone followed

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