What Is Andrew Jackson's Presidency?

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March 4, of 1829 was the day Andrew Jackson was inaugurated as president of the United States. People had high expectations for Jackson to meet throughout his presidency. Did Jackson do a good job of changing the type of people who participated in the country 's economy and politics? His presidency certainly increased equality throughout social classes. Jackson gained himself and his years as president the title of "the era of the common man" due to his efforts at making politics and the economy more accessible to white men with fewer opportunities. This essay discusses how Andrew Jackson emphasized the importance of everyday people having the same advantages as wealthy people. The Bank Veto of July 10, 1832 demonstrates a bold example of what Jackson did to show he …show more content…

Moreover, Andrew Jackson made a successful effort to change who was eligible to vote. For many years after the Revolutionary War, there were certain requirements a person had to meet in order to be able to vote. During most circumstances you had to be white, male, own property, and pay taxes. Basically the only people trusted to vote were those in a certain social class. One of Jackson 's goals was to abolish these regulations. By 1940, 90% of white men could vote. Women and blacks were completely ignored. The requirements for voting were no longer as strict, and economic status was not a contributing factor. It has been shown that Andrew Jackson 's presidency positively affected the country and those in the lower class. He cared about the wealthy taking advantage of the poor from economic standpoint. Additionally, Andrew Jackson gave most people the opportunity to have a voice in the government. Furthermore, he changed the way people elected presidents and helped the lower class white men gain a say in voting. Andrew Jackson 's presidency was successful in increasing the quality of life for people in lower classes but increasing their voices and improving their economic

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