Andrew Jackson: The Age Of The Common Man

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Andrew Jackson was said to be a divergent president in many ways, especially for his unique background compared to the wealthy ones of the previous presidents. He started off as an orphan and made his way up to becoming a general in the military, then became a frontier and started working in office soon later. Jackson’s presidency was held during an age known as the Age of the Common Man where he was determined to always do what was best for the common people and protect them from the powers of the rich and the privileged. With his success as a populist in his own Jacksonian Democracy, Jackson was able to seduce the American people but frighten the political and economic elite. Although Jackson had good intentions with what he wanted to accomplish as president, he isn 't cut out to be called the “Common Man” president. To begin with, President Jackson knew that before he could input any of his desired policies he had to have a fresh new start in his government. He sincerely felt that Congress wasn’t representing the American people he was always concerned about. At the start of his presidency, he got rid of senior federal officeholders that had previously served under several presidents. He replaced these officials with his own Democratic supporters. This way of selecting people for government jobs came to be called the “spoils system”. This change, however, was entirely based on Jackson’s own political party rather than the personal job qualifications of an official. The
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