How Democratic Was Andrew Jackson Dbq

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President Andrew Jackson was a very popular president and did a lot of things during his presidency. But in my opinion, I think he was not democratic because he wanted everything done his way or no way, like during the Indian Removal act in Document 10. He wanted the Indians land so he had his soldiers move them \west into the Indian territory.
One way that President Andrew Jackson was democratic was his Bank Veto Message to Congress in Document 4. From what I read and what he said, I thought it sounded like he didn’t want to shut down the United States Bank. And then in Document 5, Webster acted like Jackson should put an end to the bank by saying, “It manifestly seeks to inflame the poor against the rich, it wantonly attacks whole classes of the people, for the purposes of turning against them the prejudices and resentment of the other classes.” …show more content…

Also he wanted the offices that are solely to benefit the people so that no man has more rights than another.
Finally, Jackson was not democratic because he wanted the Indians to move out of his land. So he decided to have the U.S. Soldiers move them west into the Indian territory.
In conclusion, President Andrew Jackson was not Democratic because he wanted everything his way, and he was very strict about a lot of things like the Bank Veto Message, his message to congress in Document 6, and the Indian Removal

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