Andrew Jackson: The Epitome Of A Villain

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Andrew Jackson is the epitome of a villain. If portrayed in a movie Jackson would be seen as the cruel murderous man who everyone couldn’t help but dislike, but somehow he still managed to be on the twenty dollar bill. Jackson was born into a poor family in 1767. From there on Jackson was a rebellious teen who happened to be imprisoned at the age of thirteen. Once Jackson grew up he experienced a great number of occupations from a lawyer, to a general, he finally chose to enter the world of politics. To become president Jackson had to exploit his opponents, and bribe his supporters by allowing them to maintain government positions. Once Jackson became president he exceeded his presidential powers through unconstitutional means. Andrew Jackson was a lying, unconstitutional, racist murderer who covered up his evil deeds by stating everything he did was for the well-being of the United States.
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Jackson planned on moving Native Americans west of the Mississippi River, to maintain the land many Native Americans called home. At first, Jackson proposed treaties to the Native Americans hoping for them to sign so he could deviously take their land. One of Jackson’s known tactics is lying, which he happened to do in this case, where he promised Native Americans that by moving west the were insuring a safe future. Conclusively, the Native Americans refused to sign the treaty as stated in Andrew Jackson and the Constitution, “Ultimately, he forcibly removed a number of tribes, most notoriously the Cherokee, from their homes.” ( Numerous amounts of Native Americans were killed from their removal, this incident was known as the Trail of Tears. The Indian Removal Act is heavenly frowned upon for a sound reason, even if Jackson followers decide to avoid the countless amount of deaths Jackson

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