Andrew Jackson Dictator

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Andrew Jackson: Man of the People or Dictator Andrew Jackson was born between North and South Carolina in 1767. His father died days before his birth, and Jackson was difficult child. He was an incredibly unruly child. At age 13, he enlisted in the Revolutionary War, he was captured by British officer.after he went home, Jackson's mother died and he had to take care of himself. after he went home, Jackson's mother died and he had to take care of himself. Jackson did not know how to hold his tongue and got to fight often but, at age 17 he became more responsible and got a degree in law. Was Andrew Jackson a minute of people was he a dictator? I believe Andrew Jackson was a dictator because of the fact that he appointed Samuel Swartwout, …show more content…

Jackson completely disregarded the Supreme Court's ruling “ Although the ruling was in favor of the Cherokee, Jackson manipulated a deal with some tribe members, giving them two years to relocate to Oklahoma”. All of which is evidence Jackson going outside of his jurisdiction. Jackson allowed the theft of Native Americans sovereign state “Georgia, with the support began to annex the Cherokee land; abolish their government, courts, laws; and establish a process for seizing Cherokee land distributing it to the white citizens”. Determining that Jackson was prejudice against Native Americans. The elimination of the National Bank is the final reason I am certain Jackson was a dictator. Jackson went against the Supreme Court “Although the bank was found to be constitutional by the Supreme Court, Jackson was determined to eliminate it.” Proving that, once again, Andrew Jackson went outside his jurisdiction. Jackson was a cause of the Panic of 1837, “The Panic of 1837 was influenced by the economic policies of President Jackson”. Leading me to the conclusion that Jackson's personal opinions caused an economic crisis. In the final analysis, there are many reasons as to why I believe Andrew Jackson acted more like a dictator than a president. My opinion is that Jackson was a dictator given that he appointed Swartwout to be collector of the Port of New York, his cruel treatment of Native Americans, and the elimination of the National

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