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How Democratic Was Andrew Jackson? Jackson was born in the year 1767 to a poor family. When he was only 13 years old he was captured from the British during the revolutionary war. As he got older he found himself in the military and he was called a national hero when he fought in the battle of 1812. He served for two terms as president and Jacksonian or is followers say that he was democratic where the people are heard. But some people think differently. Therefore, Jackson is undemocratic because of the number of slaves he had at the time he was president, the Native Americans, and he thought national bank was unconstitutional. ­­­­­­Jackson used slaves for much of his adult life, for helping. He was firm but fair to his slaves. In document A, it shows as he was serving as president he owned about 150 slaves. And as this was taking place he was strongly against abolitionist or people who sought the immediate end of slavery. He thought these people would lead to slave revolts, sectional conflicts which means the north and south would split and possible disunion. Jackson is undemocratic because slaves are …show more content…

He disliked the bank so much that he moved all the money to all the state banks he created. In document J, it shows Jackson standing a the constitution which is ripped up to shreds. When you walk all over something you are taking advantage of it and abusing its power and this is what Jackson was doing to the constitution. He is holding veto papers in who hand which stands for vetoing the bank and a scepter in the other. He has a crown on his head that represents as the king because he is forgetting about the people and acting like a kink and a dictator. In document L it states "It sows... the seeds of jealousy and ill-will against the government of which its author is the official head." This means the bank was housed be both senete and house and Jackson didn't want

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