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A lot of events went down in the period of 1829-1837. When Andrew Jackson came into office he changed a lot of things around and destroyed many old ideas of government. He pushed out the Indians and got rid of the second national bank. In terms of how successful Jackson was, he was very successful in carring out his plans but he did not leave a good mark on the United states of America when he finally left office. During his term as president Jackson stirred up a lot of trouble. He was often looked upon as "King Andrew l" in certain political cartoons. He triggered the development of two parties. The Whigs and the Democrats. These parties were the result of how Jackson handled the presidency. When in office he never conferred with the congress to much he very often ignored them and tried to utilize his power to veto often. Specifically, he used the power to veto the second national bank. Jackson and his followers were majorly opposed to the second national back and the charter was about to expire. Jackson thought that the national bank was against the common people and thought it gave the government too much control over the economy. When the charter was due jackson veto the …show more content…

The indian lands that were in amongst the states. People started to take some land in the Native territory and the native americans did not like that so they complained to the president. Instead of listening to them Jackson ignored them and people continued to take their land. Andrew then started to get a removal act passed. Despite that the Natives had the right to the land. Andrew seceeded in getting the Natives out of the land. What he did to convince them was a promise of more land. Thought the natives were skeptical they eventually agreed and signed another treaty for the new land. He ends up pushing almost all of the Native Americans out except for the few who stayed behind and the many who died on the trial of

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