What Was Andrew Jackson Executive Power

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Andrew jackson was a important cotributor and one of the most influential presidents to ever serve the country. He took on the countries domestic issues and used his executive power far to its extent. Jackson effectivly evicted the native americans which stopped the conflict between the colonists. He vetoed the second bank of america, terminating the recharter bill from ever becoming a law. Also, he avoided south carolina’s seceding from the union. Jackson had a great vision of running the country from a common man’s perspective but failed to oversee beyond this perspective and see the bigger picture. At the start of the new nation, the government was bouncing back and forth wether power should stay with the states or within the central governmetn intself. Jackson followed many of the Jefferson’s idea for government and also belived on states rights. This idea slowly began to change when one of the states, south carolina, began to threat the government of seceden from the union. Being forth state rights, Jackson took a great stand agaisnt this and used his executive power to prevetn this. As he pointed out “.. there would be a clear constitutional obejection to their collection in everut other otrt and no revenue …show more content…

He followed alot of jeffersons style and took alot of action. He shrunk the governmetnt and used his presidency to the fullest extent, includnig his effective power to veto. He effectivly prevented south carolina from seceding and nullifying the tariffs. Evetually, he cruelly got rid of the native americans from their homeland, and exiled them from society. Finally, with good intetions for reelction he vetoed charter fro the second bank which led to a crisis. Andrew jackson believed he was doing good by being a representative of the common folk but the old hickery managed to more bad than

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