Andrew Jackson Dbq

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“I was born for a storm and a calm does not suit me” (Meacham 1). Andrew Jackson was born on March 15,1767 to Andrew and Elisabeth Jackson. Andrew was the youngest child in the Jackson family with two older brothers named Hugh and Robert. Andrew grew up in a log cabin in Waxhaws, North Carolina. Later in life he moved to Nashville, Tennessee and lived out his final days on his cotton plantation in which he named “The Hermitage”. On June 8,1845, Andrew Jackson died of tuberculosis, dropsy, and heart failure (Rate). He was buried next to his wife Rachel at “The Hermitage” when he was 78 years old. Andrew and Rachel did not have any children of their own however, they adopted and became guardians to many children. “I’ve got big shoes to fill. …show more content…

One of Andrews notorious domestic policies was the Indian removal act. Andrew signed this act in 1830 in order to please white settlers who wanted Native American land. The Indian removal act forced Native American families to move westward across the Mississippi river (Behrman 40). This act was the only major law he passed during his eight years in office. During Jackson’s presidency slavery also became a political issue and his administration later set up “gag rules” to keep the discussion of abolition off the House and Senate floor (Andrew). Another one of Andrews domestic policies was cutting government spending and paying off the national debt. Andrew Jackson is the only President who has ever paid off the national debt and because of this he is truly acknowledged as a man of the people. While in office he also expanded the spoils system and strengthened the power of the presidency. Andrew expanded the spoils system in order to strengthen his political base. He believed that supporter loyalty was more important than job qualification. The Bank War was another event that took place during his Presidency. Jackson believed that the Second Bank of the United States favored the wealthy over the common people. He sought to remove all of the funds from the Second Bank and transport them into State banks giving the common the people better access to the money. Andrew even added Texas to the territory. Andrew Jackson accomplished many things, especially domestic policies while in

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