Andrew Jackson Dbq Analysis

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OUTLINE FOR DBQ ESSAY: HOW DEMOCRATIC WAS ANDREW JACKSON? I. INTRODUCTION (PARAGRAPH #1) A. Grabber sentence Democratic spirit began B. Background information about Andrew Jackson (use bullets here) Early life/Military Born on the border of North and South Carolina in 1767. He lost both of his parents by his teenage years and married Rachel Donelson. At age 29, he was elected Tennessee’s first representatives in H.O.R. and a year later to the U.S. Senate. His first successes came from the victory at the Battle of New Orleans(He instantly became a national hero). Presidential Politics Ran for president in 1824 and won both electoral and popular votes. His mantra was that the voice of the People must be heard. Jackson was reelected president in…show more content…
He is also stepping on the U.S. Constitution under one foot and two important creations of Congress, Internal Improvements and The Bank of the United States. Document F (Jackson’s Veto Message to Congress) Most of the stock is held by rich class citizens and and more than a fourth is held by foreigners. Of the 25 directors, 5 are chosen by government and 20 by the citizen stockholders. The rich might “bend the acts of government for their selfish purposes.” C. Argument: This is the evidence your present in “B” which explains why Jackson was or wasn’t democratic. The evidence shows that Jackson wanted to benefit the rich class instead of the nation as a whole. By vetoing the B.U.S, it would create conflict which would weaken the nation. V. CONCLUSION PARAGRAPH: PARAGRAPH # 5 A. RESTATEMENT OF YOUR THESIS IN A NEW & INTERESTING WAY- Andrew Jackson’s corrupt Spoils System, role in Indian Removal, and veto of the National Bank proves that he was undemocratic. B. CLOSING STATEMENTS WHICH PROVIDE ADDITIONAL INFORMATION FOR READER TO ENHANCE THE QUALITY OF THE ESSAY OR PERHAPS TO TIE IT TO THE PERIOD OF AMERICAN
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