Andrew Jackson Dbq Essay

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During the 1820s, Americans began to get a large and growing say in politics. This was the time where many people could vote, and their votes actually mattered. Because of this, many common people would vote for Andrew Jackson. Many believed it was time for a rough, “self-made” man to be president of the United States. Jackson represented the common people and related to them, and he also solved the national debt issue along with providing more lands for Americans. The presidential election of 1828 was a tense time for John Quincy Adams and Andrew Jackson. Many people recognized Jackson as the “War Hero” from the Battle of New Orleans, and they felt like they could relate to Jackson since he was one of the common people. Although he was not fluent in any languages and had never held a Cabinet post, his heroic image had a big influence on the public than his other competitors. When he took office, one of his goals was to pay off the national debts. He succeeded in that goal, leading to the only time in the nation where the federal government was debt free. Finally, Jackson succeeded in foreign affairs. He made it very known that he would not tolerate aggressive action from other countries. Because of this, he opened new ports to American trade, won favored-nation trading status in countries, and collected sums of money owed to …show more content…

In modern society, many people want a president who is experienced and educated. With that being said, Adams had experience in the government by serving in the Senate and held the position of secretary of State for James Monroe. He was also fluent in seven languages and acquainted with most of the major European leaders. However, many believed that Adams used Henry Clay to win his presidential election. This was seen as dishonest and unfair, so the people turned to Jackson to be the president of United

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