Is The Nation Changing

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How is the nation changing and how does that affect the nation's pride? After the war of 1812 Jackson was elected president. After the war of 1812 The American people had a lot of nationalism. When Jackson was elected for president it was called the age of Jackson. Some believed that that the states should be stronger and others were for the government. After Andrew Jackson became president it seemed that America lost their nationalism. The era of good feelings came after the war of 1812. The government has a greater presence in the economy. The second U.S. bank was established.The government passed a protective tariff. The protective tariff protects us product from other countries. Britain dumped the their products in the U.S. The central government got move over the states. Maryland tried to tax its national bank. Court ruled that a state cannot pass any laws that violate federal law. Because of the war The U.S has a greater role in the world. Jackson was sent to capture escaped slaves. They took control…show more content…
Jackson created the spoils system. He said that any intelligent person could hold office.He made this so that no small group of politicians could control the government. He put his friends and supporters in higher positions. There were people that were more equipped for these positions. Jackson claimed he was Egalitarian. Jackson feared how powerful the government was. He attacked politicians that he thought were corrupt. He did not believe in special privileges for the wealthy. He believed that the bank favored the rich and businesses. Jackson loved to veto bills and laws. Jackson worked independently of politicians and congress.He vetoed more acts than any other president before him.Throughout his presidency he gained the name of King Andrew I. Jackson's successor was Martin Van Buren. Jackson wasn't the fairest president, He should have made it clear what the states could
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