What Is Andrew Jackson's Legacy

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Everyone wants to leave a legacy behind, but how is that possible when the only people to create and leave a legacy have been special and important people? That isn’t always true the most important people in history have started out as ordinary people and some special people have always stayed their same ordinary themselves. Andrew Jackson was one of those people, he was the definition of a common man. Jackson was a self-made frontiers man, a great general and a man of the people. He was considered a hero but also a villain. He was a typical man with a hot head. He was someone many Americans could look up to. Jackson's presidency was the start of a change in the new world. A man outside the norms of what a president was, became the face of the United States. …show more content…

At the time of the Revolutionary War, Jackson was 13 when he joined the army as a runner. Jackson lost his father before he was born and then lost his mother and two brothers during the war. After the war, Jackson learned how to read books on law, which helped him find a job as a lawyer. Jackson later served in the war of 1828, where he gained the name “Old Hickory,” because of his harsh commands and his capability shown in combat. The victory of the Battle of New Orleans made Jackson a hero to the American people. Jackson’s victory and popularity caused him to run for president in 1828. This showed many Americans that a common man was just as important to the building and forming of the United States as someone who went to Harvard was. This portrayed to everyone that someone's origins don’t affect who they can end up to be. Jackson had many obstacles becoming who he ended up to be but he prospered and became the most important man in the United States and that is the American

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