Characteristics Of Andrew Jackson A War Hero

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The definition of hero is a person, typically a man, who is admired or idealized for courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities. (a war hero) I see Andrew Jackson as a hero because he shows all the traits of a hero determined, brave, and caring. Jackson is a war hero who served his country and stood up for what he believed in even when people didn't agree with him. When he did something, he was passionate about it and took it seriously. Jackson was a determined person. When he believed in something he would never give up until he got it. At times where Jackson could have cost his presidency but he stood next to what he believed in. He stood up what was right and went against everyone at times for his morals. Even at times he failed but he would just right back on it and tried again. An example of his determination was when he tried to eliminate the bank. He failed and many politicians were against Jackson, they taunted,and threatened him. This didn’t stop Jackson from his beliefs, he pushed his ideas and in the end, he succeeded and the bank was eliminated. Another example of his …show more content…

Jackson fought in numerous war to keep America safe and from falling apart. Andrew Jackson was a colonel that served the Tennessee militia of 1812. Despite the odds of defeat, Jackson led his troops to victory. Jackson was also known Old Hickory. He got this nickname for being tough as old hickory and the bravery he showed on the battlefield. Jackson had battle scars from battles that he fought in, how a bullet was lodged into his lungs. That affected him for the rest of his life because he lived with continuous pain in his chest. He suffered from a lot of pains, but this didn’t stop him from his duties as president. He never uttered a complaint even of his physical struggle. Through all of this he never backed down and remained steadfast, strong, determined and

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