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In these articles you will learn about a man by the name of James Hemings. Born in the year of 1765 in Guinea, Cumberland County, Virginia. James Hemings was a mixed of a quarter of African blood and three quarters of European blood. James’ mother Elizabeth (Betty) Hemings. Betty was also of mixed blood born into slavery her master Martha Eppes. Eppes married John Wayles becoming his first wife. After two years she gave birth to her only surviving child, Martha Wayles. Sadly the mother died less than a week later. After the death of John Wayles’ third wife, Wayles seek out Betty, she became his concubine. She had six children of John Wayles named; Robert, Peter, Thenia, Critta, Sally and James.
Martha Wayles married Thomas Jefferson. Once John Wayles died Jefferson inherited his estates and slaves, along with a …show more content…

On July 5, 1784 Jefferson, his daughter Martha, and nineteen year old James sailed from Boston. Together they cross the seas until they reached Le Havre where Jefferson told James to go to Rounen first to arrange their rooms. James didn’t know the language but was able to make the arrangements. In France James felt freer because French law didn’t allow slavery. He also was given a task to train under French chefs and learn the techniques of French cooking. James served as an apprentice to Combeaux, one of Jefferson’s caterers, one of Jefferson 's female cook/pastry chef and a chef of the Prince de Condé. James was a quick learner that in 1787 he became the chef de cuisine at the Hôtel de Langeac which was Jefferson 's private residence on the Champs-Elysées. James’s pay wasn’t great he only got half of what the previous chef got but he still used a bit of money to pay for a tutor for French

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