Charles Cotesworth Pinckney: A Brief Biography

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Charles Cotesworth Pinckney was born to planters, Eliza Lucas Pinckney and Charles Pinckney on February 25, 1746. He grew up in Charleston, South Carolina, with two brothers and one sister. (Wikipedia). His mother, Eliza, was a wealthy and brilliant agriculturist who introduced a new cash crop--indigo. His father, Charles, was a successful politician. As for his siblings, his brother Thomas grew up to be a veteran of the American Revolution, his brother George died soon after birth and little is known about his sister Harriott. Charleston is the oldest city in South Carolina. It was the capital at the time of his birth and was always bustling with new things to do. Pinckney and his family were Episcopalian. This means that he and his family…show more content…
He lost and Thomas Jefferson became president. In 1804, he was nominated to be a Federalist candidate in the presidential election of Thomas Jefferson. Thomas Jefferson was popular at the time for the famous Louisiana Purchase, so, Charles had a very slim chance of being elected. He refused to lose hope and went through with staying up for election throughout the whole voting period. Unfortunately, Charles lost the election and Jefferson was reelected to office. He ran again as a Federalist candidate in the 1808 presidential election. He lost for the third time, and that was the last time he tried to run for…show more content…
This convention was very private. and only successful military and political leaders were allowed to attend. He was a very important person when it came to the ratification of the U.S. Constitution. He ended up actually signing the Constitution!(Wikipedia) Charles Cotesworth Pinckney died on August 16, 1825. In the end, Pinckney had a good life. He had nice, successful and smart parents, and a good education. He got to spend a lot of time with his brother in London while they were studying together and probably shared many laughs. He was a successful politician, who got elected to the colonial legislature. Pinckney was a great military leader, serving his country in the revolution that gave us independence. He signed the Constitution, which gave us our rights! Pinckney had two wives which he probably made very happy and four children who probably adored him. In the end, Pinckney was a hero. He definitely died knowing that he had done something for his country, and hopefully was happy as it all ended. Pinckney was a very admirable man. He was successful, decent looking, a strong speaker, wealthy and a great leader. Without him, the United States might not be like it is today! As a matter of fact, we might not even be free of England right now. You never

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