Evil In John Wayne Gacy

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Not all people have the same definition of evil. Evil can be expressed in many ways. Whether that be describing a person or giving a place a scary setting. Most though, think of evil as a person rather than a place. Those true qualities of evil help show if a person is a human monster. Many people have minor qualities but do not have the label of serial killer. John Wayne Gacy is an excellent example of a human monster because of his actions of murder and rape while demonstrating that nurture can shape a person's personality proving human monsters are more terrifying than those we read about in fiction. The life of Gacy began in Chicago, Illinois where he and his family lived. He was born on the 17th day of march in 1942. He grew up with …show more content…

The difference between the two is that nature is based upon the fact that a person is born the way they are rather than nurturing which is being raised they way they are. Gacy is an example of nurture because of his early life. He was raised by a crazy mistreating father. The sister of Gacy said that the kids had to deal with what their father was doing to them and she also said that they grew up tougher because of their dad (“John Wayne Gacy”). His dad's love and care is all he needed and maybe he would not have been the person that he turned out to be. Another reason that he was an example of nurture because of his high school years. When everyone found out that he was homosexual they started to harass and bully him. He would also felt lonely because he could not participate in the activities that all of the other children were playing because of the heart condition. He was not that athletic but there is a chance a friendship of some sort would have come out of him just playing with them. These events in his life all helped him change his outlook. From all of the hate he was getting from his surroundings peers and family members, Gacy started to change into a human monster from just a regular teenage

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