Marcelo In The Real World Analysis

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Analyze how the strong personal voice of a narrator helped you to understand a theme in the written text. The novel ‘Marcelo in the Real World’ is written by Francisco X Stork. He uses a strong personal voice of a teenager, Marcelo Sandoval. Through the narration of a teen, a theme of suffering due to his disability is portrayed. The author shows Marcelo’s personal voice through his thoughts and uses ‘internal music’ (IM) to describe his unique way of seeing the world. Through Marcelo 's perspective, the writer presents how Marcelo deals with his struggles in the real world by coping with others. Marcelo is a 17-year-old boy with high function end of Autism. For the experience of the real world, his father sends him off from his protected …show more content…

This is shown at the start of the novel when Austro takes Marcelo to hide his true personality. “Arturo is basically asking me to pretend that I’m not normal…” This present how Marcelo has to suffer to cope with others and to make his family not shameful. In consequence of this Marcelo suffers by pretending to be someone he is not. The writer gave us the understanding of why he was asked this by his father, later on, it was in reason of negative perspective of others. This gave Marcelo to suffer and pain, it made him realize that others will see him as dysfunctional not acknowledging his true skills. I think using this theme the writer intended to point out to the readers that we should look back to the judgment we are making for the disabilities. Marcelo also suffers from the stereotypes of the disabilities. to cope with the society he also needs to face challenges. This is ironic as many say that there is no right or wrong in this world but by categorizing them into right and wrong shows inconsistency action. This shows us that how the world wants the disables to fit the standard to become part of the society. Because as no one would accept him with his disability, Autism, the true himself. This shows the reason why the writer used these to connect with the theme of suffering due to

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