The Scarlet Ibis And The Silver Wind Literary Analysis

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Can you ever imagine a world of unaccepting individuals, constant fight, and the loathe differences and disabilities? Could you imagine a world where no one could get along? Unfortunately, we as a clique and community are reaching nearing such a world. Adversely but sadly true, some communities and countries have already begun to discriminate against young adolescents and adults with special needs, or different views, turning into a constant fight for survival. James Hurst's short story, The Scarlet Ibis and Ray Bradbury's, A Golden Kite, The Silver Wind, Hurst and Bradbury discuss themes of allegory, rivalry, vanity and pride through characters in both stories, The narrator of The Scarlet Ibis and The Mandarin of The Golden Kite, A Silver …show more content…

In the Scarlet Ibis, Hurst uses The Scarlet Ibis as a symbol of death and blood. The text gives many clues as to what the Ibis might symbolize. The Bleeding Tree on which the Scarlet Ibis sat on, the color and description of the Ibis, and the sudden death of the Ibis indicate the symbolism and meaning behind the relevance of the Ibis. The dead Ibis is described as "broken vase of red flowers, and we stood around it, awed by its exotic" in the perspective of the narrator. The narrator also mourns the death of his younger brother, Doodle, by "sheltering MY fallen Scarlet Ibis from the heresy of rain." The description stipulates that The Scarlet Ibis is a fairly significant form of symbolism in the text, as the narrator thoroughly relates his younger, disabled brother, to a wounded bird throughout the text. In Bradbury's text, A Golden Kite, A Silver Wind, A golden kite and a silver wind symbolize the beauty of unity and camaraderie to influence harmony. The daughter says "the wind will beautify the kite and carry it to wondrous heights." The kite and the wind significantly symbolize harmony and piece through the Mandarin and Kwan-Si's communities. The symbols portrayed in each text give an abstract idea of what is attempting to be expressed by the

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