Waist High In The World Analysis

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Waist High In the World is a novel that focuses on the importance of accepting everyone with dignity and respect despite their disabilities and differences. The author of the book, Nancy Mairs purpose when writing the book was to create awareness and share her experience as a “cripple” in order to create consciousness and understanding of those who are going through the same process. Mairs uses different persuasive strategies to convince readers to want a world with people like her in it, this includes the use of pathos, logos and ethos. The first persuasive strategy in order to raise awareness is the use of the rhetorical appeal, logos. Logos is an approach used in order to appeal to logic, and is a way of influence an audience by reason. Mairs uses empirical evidence such as statistics, facts and data such as percentage of employment to convince the audience. One great example that portrays the use of the rhetorical appeal logos can be found in the chapter Opening Doors, unlocking Hearts: “The …show more content…

People with disabilities are often viewed as less capable, less intelligent and not available to cope well in society. Mairs uses the different persuasive strategies such as ethos, logos and pathos to create a conscious awareness to build a world in which despite the differences everyone is treated with equality and dignity. She imagines her body as something other than problematic, but a reason to fight to build a world in which people wants her in. Mairs mentions in page 169 “I imagine a world where people, allowed the space to accept- admit, endure, embrace- their diverse and often difficult realities.” As Robert M Hensel, a famous Guinness world champion and a man with spina bifida said once “There is no greater disability in society, than the inability to see a person as

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