Quiet Strength Analysis

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In Quiet Strength by Tony Dungy and Nathan Whitaker, we learn how important respect is to him, in football and life. Tony treats everyone he interacts with respect. When he was a player he respected his coach’s decisions, even if he was upset and did not agree with the decision. We saw that when he got traded from the Steelers to the 49ers. He didn’t like it, but he still respected the coach’s decisions and did not take any anger out on them. Later on, when he became a head coach, he respected his fellow coaches. Just because he was head coach he did not treat the other coaches with any less respect. For example, there is one incident where Tony’s decision stood out, because of his respect. Later on, when he was a defensive coordinator for …show more content…

Tony trusted God had a plan for all those decisions he didn’t agree with. Just like my parents had a reason for the decisions I hated as a kid. We can’t always see the reasoning or what is going on, we just need to trust the people making the decisions and respect those decisions. Though I didn’t always have the same respect for my parents as Tony did for his coaches. It is something I’ve learned to have. As did Tony, he used to get very upset and vent. Overtime he learned to stay calm and respect the decisions made. Tony shows us respect is not easy. But over time we learn to respect others. Whether its teachers, elders, parents, sibling, friends, or bosses. Respect is important. How can we expect to be treated with respect if we don’t respect others? Quiet Strength talks about a lot of things. Respect is a just one part of Tony’s journey. Though respect may seem little, it can have a huge impact on our lives. Without it, we wouldn’t be able to keep friends, have good relationships with co-workers and teachers, or even keep a job. Quiet Strength is a reminder to respect others and put our trust in God. God has a plan behind those decisions. We just have to trust in

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