Essay On The Other Wes Moore's Success

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The Wes Moore’s Success Can a person's successfulness really depend on on the way they were raised and environment they live in? Many argue that a person’s nature, other wise known as their physical surroundings, could affect how successful someone could become in their future. Others argue that it is a person's nurture that determine their successfulness. In “The Other Wes Moore,” Wes Moore, the author, and the other Wes Moore share the same name and similar lives, but only one manifested himself into a successful life. How did only one Wes Moore manage to make his life successful? The Other Wes Moore reveals how intrinsic factors, mainly social relationships, play a significant role in establishing someone's success, based off of lack of emotional support and obedience. The other Wes Moore’s family lacked in emotional support and in positive influences, leading him to failure. Nurture refers to all the variables that impact who someone is.These variables include how someone was raised, their social relationships, and their surrounding culture. Growing up, Wes did not have anyone else to look up to besides his older brother Tony, that was involved in …show more content…

Nature refers to all of the genes and hereditary factors that influence who people are. This varies from someone’s personality traits and to their physical appearance. Although extrinsic factors occasionally played minor roles in the decisions the Wes’s made, the emotional support of their families and connections was seen to influence their end result.What this argument overlooks and fails to notice is that nature does not determine your success, it only triggers nurture to affect the choices you make, and affect how successful you become in the

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