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Life can be difficult to handle when poverty, crime, and drugs are the norm. In the book The Other Wes Moore by Wes Moore, the story takes place in Baltimore, and in145th Street Short Stories by Walter Dean Myers, the stories take place in Harlem. In both of these books, we are shown that things can become quite chaotic. These two books show us how life is in these two places. In these books, we can see the issues that these two books share, and how the issues that are present in the book are still relevant in our world to this day. In Baltimore and Harlem, many people have to deal with issues like the one I stated earlier. In The Other Wes Moore, we looked into the lives of two Wes Moores who lived in the same city and just a couple blocks apart. In this book, we saw how the two boys were starting off similar getting involved in drugs and dealing with family issues, and how …show more content…

In 145th Street, the author Walter Dean Myers based his ten stories off of his experiences in Harlem. Issues like domestic violence, drugs, death, and poverty are present in both of these books. An example of one of those issues from each book is that in The Other Wes Moore, Tony, the other Wes’ brother beats up his brother because he began getting involved in selling drugs and was making money off of it. Tony was trying to prevent Wes from falling into this trap like he did. but he became so overwhelmed with anger after spending so much time and effort in trying to keep Wes from getting into the drug business and failing that he began beating him up. In 145th Street, the chapter Fighter is about a man named Billy Giles who sneaks out of his house to wrestle. He wrestles so he can make money for his family. Though his wife Johnnie Mae doesn’t like that he does this, he lets him do it because Johnnie Mae wouldn’t be

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