Invisible Man Justice And Injustice Analysis

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In the novel, Invisible Man, the narrator is always in pursuance of justice. His consistent search is driven by his inability to be treated as an equal in this white man’s society. As he fought for justice for the “dispossessed” the Narrator was constantly faced with injustice. Although his success seemed positive in the eyes of others, it had a negative impact on his life as a whole. In the beginning of the novel, the narrator realizes that he is inferior when he is invited to the battle royal. At this event the narrator along with some other boys were humiliated for the entertainment of the wealthy white men of the town. This event showed the narrator how society was stunted in growth because of their inability to assimilate into …show more content…

When he first arrived the narrator began searching for jobs but was blacklisted by the dean of his college. He later found a job at a paint company where he was later fired the same day. These multiple encounters with injustice gave him a strong sense of “dispossession.” This lead to him joining this club called “The Brotherhood.” His goal while in this organization was to bring justice to the “dispossessed” people of Harlem. During the time that the narrator began his work with the organization he successfully gave the people of Harlem the justice he believed they desired. During his time of success the narrator learns that his definition of justice is teaching the people how to unify together and work against their oppressors. Unfortunately the narrator’s stretch of justice was soon cut short. After upsetting some brotherhood members the narrator was shipped off to work in a different part of town. Although he was also successful in his new line of work, his previous assignment had collapsed. The demise of his previous assignment caused for him to have to once again struggle with

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