Coming Of Age In Where Is It Written By Adam Schwartz

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“Where Is it Written” by Adam Schwartz, is a story about a young boy whom faces family problems. Sam first wanted to go live with his father because he wanted to get to know him as much as he knew his mom. Then, Sam wrote a letter in forming her of his decision. Eventually, family problems came in between his decision. Coming of age is an important theme in which the process of growing up through psychological problems will change a person’s mentality. Sam discovered he can’t change somebody but love them for who they truly are. Sam came of age because of so many family problems he faced during his childhood.

To begin, this story takes place in New Jersey. The author introduces the protagonist Sam, who is dealing …show more content…

The reason for this is Sam in the beginning says, ‘’..but I was not even thirteen, and I wanted to forget how well I knew my mother”, this basically demonstrates their actual relationship in the beginning he wanted to forget his mom at such an early age. Sandra must of done crazy stuff for her child to say this which means their relationship wasn't as good as it should be between mother and son. Sam attempts to get away from his mother shows that the relationship is not good because kids are most likely to always want to live with their mo instead of their father. Later in the story, Sam discusses living with his mother in her apartment and he says, “I want to live a normal life”, this basically means that he wasn't living as a 13 year old should be living. Sam carried responsibilities that mother should do which is one of the reasons why he expressed himself like this towards his mom. Sam also says, ‘’I had typed instructions before I left’’ a 13 year old shouldn’t be telling their mom how to do things it should be the opposite. Sam seemed exhausted of this life that he was living with his mom that she cause herself. In this quote, we can see that the relationship between Sam and his mother is a complete disaster because why should young kids tell their mother how to take care of them. Mother’s should always take this responsibility and be the ones to demand things to their children. Also, in this quote, we can also see that. Also, while living with his mother, Sam was involved in situations that made him think the way he did he knew everything his mom did while working he also knew how his parents got into a relationship together which is good to ask but not how they actually did I think his dad should've waited till he got bigger or not even tell him how they even met. This is important because it shows Sam and his mother didn't really have an actual relationship. I

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