Symbolism In 'Where Are You Going Where Have You Been?'

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In the coming of age story “Where Are You Going Where Have You Been?” Joyce Carol Oates uses symbolism, conflict, and the third person to foreshadow fifteen-year-old Connie’s unfortunate, yet untimely fate. While one may think that the conflict stems from Connie’s promiscuity, it is clear to see her promiscuity is only a result to a much bigger conflict, her mother’s constant nagging and disapproval, alongside the lack of attention from her father. the author paints a vivid picture of what happens when a fifteen-year-old girl such as Connie goes elsewhere to find to find the love, attention, and approval that she lacks at home. All which is vital for her growth and wellbeing as a person. First, the overall conflict may not be easy for one to determine at first, but it’s used only to foreshadow the bigger conflict. Beginning with the …show more content…

Friend himself. There’s so much symbolism going around this one character and his beloved car alone, that one could write a separate paper on the topic. Speaking of yet more symbolism, we get finally get a formal introduction to Arnold Friend, who’s name alone symbolizes trouble. Since Arnold Friend is symbolizing Satan a known shapeshifter, one could do a little reading into the several interpretations of his name. One, An old friend, this being Eddie, the guy she had burgers with at the mall. Ar no friend, the guy she ignored at the mall. An old fiend, would in fact be Arnold himself at the mall giving her fiendish looks. And arch fiend, the latter being another name for Satan. Symbolism is also found with Ellie Oscar. Although he’s older than Arnold, he’s only riding shotgun but he’s taking orders from Arnold which gives him the impression of being the Devil’s advocate. In conclusion, conclusion “For Bob Dylan”, reads the dedication in the story’s initial’s publication. Few years prior to this story’s initial release Dylan recorded a song “It’s All Over Now Baby Blue”, which has lyrics such as

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