Where Are You Going Where Have You Been Arnold Friend Analysis

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In Joyce Carol Oates’s “Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been?”, Connie is a fifteen-year-old girl, who does not necessarily get along with her family. During the week, she often times goes to a shopping plaza with some of her friends. However, they sneak across the highway to go to a popular diner where the older crowd hangs out at. At home, Connie is often times arguing with her family. One day her family is invited to her aunt's barbecue but Connie refuses to go. Reluctantly, her parents allow her to stay home alone. A few hours later, a familiar gold jalopy pulls up to her house. The driver announces to Connie that his name is Arnold Friend. His unusual physical appearance, his tone of voice, and what he may symbolize frighten the Connie. …show more content…

However, she may need to look past the fake appearance to see what she should really be scared of. From the way he speaks to the way he dresses, all signs point to him being a demonic being. His wig-like hair, his pale skin, and reflective sunglasses all seem to be nothing but a disguise. His boots do not fit him properly and he has difficulty walking. The skin on his face does not quite resemble the skin on his neck. The narrator describes Arnold’s awkward walk when they say, “She looked out to see Arnold Friend pause and then take a step toward the porch, lurching. He almost fell.” His shoes not fitting him allure to Bible scripture about the devil having cloven hooves as feet. The biggest symbol of the devil is his knowledge about Connie's family and neighbors. He has this knowledge about Connie's family and what they are doing at that exact moment. This clairvoyance also points to the fact that he may be a demonic creature. Connie never actually tells Arnold her name but he somehow already knows it. The last detail that points to Arnold being a demonic being is his mind control over Connie. For some reason she is unable to dial for the police. Another example of mind control is Connie goes against her will and walks outside towards Arnold. This mind-controlling power is another trait of Satan. These three factors all point to the fact that Arnold is indeed the

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