Analysis Of Carol Joyce Oates Where Are You Going Where Have You Been?

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Carol Joyce Oates’ “Where Are You Going Where Have You Been?” presents how falling into temptation leads to giving up control and innocence. Though her mother is unapproving of her actions, Connie spends her time seeking attention from male strangers. Home alone, Connie is approached by a compelling creature who convinces her to leave her life and join him on his unknown journey. Through disapproving her family, having multiple appearances, listening to music, and her desperation to receive attention from boys, Connie gives up control of herself losing the purity of adolescents and contributing to her detrimental fate. It is imperative that one should not be controlled because of a desire to impress others. Apparent in the beginning stages of the short story, Connie despises her sister, June, for the glory she receives for being the reliable child. She hates her mother for liking her sister more than her, …show more content…

“She ‘was intrigued by the music of Bob Dylan, particularly the hauntingly elegiac song 'It's All Over Now, Baby Blue,' [and she] dedicated [it] to Bob Dylan”’(Nyiknos). Clues from the story allow readers to understand that his music heavily influenced the writings. For instance, Friends use of “blue eyes” when the short story states that Connie has brown eyes. Additionally, Dylan obtained the nickname “The Pied Piper” for his musical ability and a tie to the mythological story of music misleading the innocent children to their death. “Much like the Pied Piper, Friend is able to lure Connie to her probable death and the strange sound of the music that was playing both is the house and in his car” (David). Connie contributes to listening to music that fills her head with ideas about how her life should be lived, rather than deciding for herself. the music has a compelling factor which leads Connie to temptation and allows her to partake in dangerous, misleading

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