Blissful Ignorance In Bless Me Ultima

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Blissful Ignorance
If I were to know what was inside Area 51, I would be most likely be dead. Despite Area 51’s infamous conspiracies, for instance, being a secret alien base, no one is fully aware of the location’s secrets. Perhaps for society’s sake, it is better to be remain unveiled to our knowledge in fear of the potential consequences. Similarly, there is certain information in this world that are better left unknown. Although the acquisition of knowledge can be perceived as beneficial toward a person’s mental growth, an abundance of responsibilities follow in most cases. These responsibilities apply excess stress which commonly leads a person becoming overwhelmed. This is demonstrated by Roger Chillingworth in The Scarlet Letter, Brutus in Julius Caesar, and Antonio in Bless Me Ultima.
In the prominent novel The Scarlet Letter, Hester Prynne, the …show more content…

Throughout the novel, Antonio struggles with his identity due to his parent’s clashing background. As he began to unveil the different aspects of his parent’s culture, he gains an overwhelming amount of knowledge that causes inner conflict. Due to his identity crisis, Antonio begins to learn unnecessary amount of cultures and religions in hope for an answer. Ironically, Antonio gains more layers to his inner conflict as he is introduced to the idea of disagreeing cultures instead of a solution. In addition, Antonio becomes prone to nightmares relating to the negativity of each religion, causing him to further question the religion's taboo subject. Although certain areas of his learning journey were beneficial towards him, Antonio further isolates himself from the rest of society and more into an unrealistic dimension that Ultima had created. In the end, it can be perceived that Antonio’s mindset is focused into the confusion of Ultima’s magic which may ultimately lead to permanent isolation from the rest of

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