Informative Speech On Mexican Culture

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If you don?t know about Mexican culture then I will tell you. I?m going to talk about my culture and that is Mexican culture.Yes,I?m Mexican. I am proud to be Mexican.What I am going to tell you about my culture is my religion,food,events, music and dance.This is what we do.I am going to talk about all of them.And explain what they mean to us in my culture. The food of my culture is really important to us because it is what Mexican like and it relates us who we are.In Christmas Day we have to be with the family and play games.That day we eat tamales and atole.It is a Good time with the family.In November 30 or around December 5 we do some thing that it is call Rasca de reyes. It is a bread that Have a little baby Jesus hidden in the bread represents the flight of the Holy Family,fleeing from King Herod.In my culture , if a person get one they are reponsibility of hosting a dinner and providing tamales and atole to the guests.The food that we eat is chilaquiles,pozole,sopitos,tacos,vivria, Menudo,Chile,relleno,Enchilada,mole and alb?ndigas.That are my favorite one that I like in my culture.But yes they are more different type of food that we Have.But that is …show more content…

The jarabe is considered M?xicos national dance and is the best known outside the country,often called the Mexican hot dance in English. Like all folk dancing, Traditional mexican dances provide a glimpse into the culture of the region. Not only do these dances from M?xico express the rhythms of the musical, But also the vital color wovent into mexican clothing and decoration,as well as themes important to the region such as catholicism and communion with nature. Mexican culture shines through the Traditional dances of the country. Many mexican familias are planted firmly in religious faith and Rich intricacies of generacional Traditions and celebrations observed year after year. Dance has long played

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