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Hispanic and American Food Traditions

The type of food that we eat is influenced by the countries and people that were once settled down in the land that we live on. Those from the past generation help influenced the way that we live and the food that we eat. Each region has their very own dishes of food that represent their uniqueness and own touch of their country.

The Southwestern cuisine was created at the influence of Spanish, Mexican and Native American cultures. This influence took place, especially in New Mexico, but also in Arizona, Utah, Colorado and California. The cuisine that has formed has become iconic to the United States Southwest with having many similarities between Mexican food and a unique twist to it. The beginning of all this food style influence came from the legacy of the Aztecs, who were dining on beans, corn, chilies, avocados and onions. All these foods were present throughout the time, even before the Spaniards arrived in the New World. The Spanish had brought ingredients from their homeland such as cheese, lard and rice.

Due to the fact that Arizona borders Mexico the huge influence that Mexico has been highly expressed and seen in the way of food. Some traditions that were pasted from Mexico to Arizona is the cooking of tamales that are …show more content…

They might not be the exact recipes that the Spaniards, Native Americans and Mexicans used, but they have been remodeled and improved to be created and enhanced as the years go by. This also goes to American food but now that many new cultures have been presented in the United States there is going to be new food mixtures that may contain half the taste of one certain region to the other.Which means that there might be more food that begins to get spicy around places such as Arizona, California, Utah and New

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