Essay On Mexican American Culture

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Cultural influences people on how to communicate with one another and its methods of communication from one culture to another. Culture plays a significant role in intercultural communication. Cultural identity is an element in a person’s life when one understands their own culture, leading to an understanding and appreciation of other cultures as well. It promotes a vital part of communication between people who come from different cultures. This paper will examine my Mexican American cultural background and how it affects my way of communicating with others. The Mexican American society is rich with culture, traditions, folklore, and religion. These major influences are especially seen in the Los Angeles area. This area is rich in music, food, and customs of the Mexican culture. Here is where the majority of the Spanish language is spoken. The Mexican American culture is not just a blend of Mexico and the United States, it goes back further than …show more content…

The folklores of this particular culture hold creencias or beliefs that have shaped Mexican history. These stories serve to stimulate the minds of Mexican Americans that keep the history alive. For children it brings a view of a mystic world of the past to life in their eyes. It is the heart and soul of the culture and it gives people the insight to their value system. One story in particular from what I remember as a child was the story of La Llorona. Told to me by my grandmother, it scared me to death. La Llorona known as the weeping woman is a ghost story of Mexican folklore, tells of a woman who lost her children and now weeps while looking for them in a river. It is send that if you see or hear her, death will be upon you. This story scared me and I never went out at night for a very long time. This story just wants to assure parents that their little ones will not be out late along the riverbanks in

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