Reflective Essay: The Chicano Movement

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We’re constantly being influences by our surrounding. Usually, our parent’s cultural background plays a significant part in shaping who we are. On the other hand, co-cultures also promote their own set of values which could easily shape our ideas about certain matters as well. These components are a part of how we perceive ourselves and how others perceive too.

Growing in a Mexican household allowed me to be exposed to more family orientated events that included music, food and dancing. I was taught at an early age to respect my elder even family’s friend were often introduced as uncles and aunts. Many of these uncles and aunts were part of The Chicano Movement which influences my political beliefs. Throughout this movement, that’s still alive, I learned about my people’s struggles through injustices and discrimination. This urge me to always be political aware especially on injustices towards minorities and do volunteer work that could help other people. A co-culture that has shaped me significant is the LGBTQ community. It has given me the opportunity to do things that I wouldn’t have otherwise been able to do like explore the music I love, dress the way I want and, more importantly, …show more content…

Some see me as an outspoken, passionate person. I am told, that I am not afraid to speak up for the matters that I value. My values are set around social justices. I’m an artist, who doesn’t recognize my true value. The few times i’ve shared my art with others, I am told extremely kind complaints, and even offers to buy my art, however I often doubt my beautiful talent. I am also told, that I often say things in a very demeaning way. I never recognize when I do it, therefore I never apologize for it. Which leads some people to perceive me as arrogant. My sister looks up to me for being passionate about my beliefs and values, and is often extracting my

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