The Role Of Chicano Americans In The 1960s

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The film prejudice and pride, revealed the struggle of Mexican Americans in the 1960s-1970s. In the film it showed Mexican Americans, frustration by the President discrimination and poverty. In this film I learned about the movement that led to the Chicano identity. This movement sparked, when the farm workers in the fields of California, marched on Sacramento for equal pay and humane working conditions. This march was led by César Chavez and Dolores Huerta. In this film I also learned about Sal Castro. Sal Castro was a school teacher in Los Angeles that led the largest high school student walkout in American history. This walkout demanded that Chicano students be given the same educational opportunities as Anglos students. In Texas, Jose …show more content…

However the word Chicano doesn't have to have a definition. The word Chicano/a is unique because it can only be understood by one who has lived the Mexican American experience. The Chicano identity is flexible, because the word Chicano can mean something very different to everyone. This film shows that the 1960s Chicano movement created an identity for Mexican Americans who were stuck in the middle between Mexican and Anglo culture. In one identifies themselves as Chicano/a they are identifying themselves with the Chicano struggle. The word Chicano is an empowering identity, yet very complex. Being born a Mexican American doesn't mean you are a Chicano, you are Chicano because you chose to be. In this film, we learned about different Chicano movements like, La Raza, which means Chicano people as a whole. Along we also learned about La Causa, known for campaign for equality for Chicano people, conjointly we learned about the Huelga which was the strike led by Cesar Chavez and Dolores Huerta in order to persuade farm owners to negotiate. The 1960 Chicano movement empowered Mexican Americans, it gave them awareness to the struggle that was happening at the time with Mexican Americans. The 1960’s Chicano movement also gave Mexican Americans an identity that a Chicano will stand up and do something about the injustice happening to

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