Yolngu Boy Character Analysis

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Experiences with people, places and/or things, shape and affect an individuals choices, either to strengthen or break connections and relationships. Through past and new memories and experiences, we are able to reflect, assess and explore our owns concept of connections. There are however, obstacles and barriers one must meet to fully understand our selves and the complicated world of connections and belongingness. The environment or culture we are exposed in since we were infants for instance, greatly affects our identity- behaviour, values and actions- as we get older. Imagine two people from different countries, one grew up in Cambodia and the other grew up in the US. The person who grew up in Cambodia would have a different perspective …show more content…

The tribes knowledge and culture that has been passed on for generations is the main dominant that affects all of the characters lives. There was also the pop culture, the music and sports. Lorrpu has become intensely engaged with his communities culture, participating in ceremonies, etc… Milika, also participates in his tribes ways but seems to be more interested with the elements of pop culture, the music, headphones and football. Botj on the other hand, seems to be torn and confused with the 2 different cultures present. He wants to belong in the Yolngu tribe, but in order to truly belong, he must prove to Dawu, the tribes leader, that he is ready, by getting a ceremony. Lorrpu and Milika has gotten their ceremonies and has proven themselves to Dawu. Botj never gotten a ceremony an so he felt like an outcast. We also see him participating in something more of a western culture, smoking, stealing, like what ‘cool’ boys do, etc…. Botj’s family circumstances has also affected him as he gets older. His father left him at a young age and his mother does not want him around, claiming that he is too much like his father. This leaves Botj somewhat confuse with his life. The exclusion he felt from the community he grew up in and his father and mother’s rejection of him eventually leads him to committing …show more content…

Red feels satisfied with her life with her friends who deeply appreciates her, cares for her, supports her, brings out the best in her… her full potential, something she is passionate and good at, music. She is comfortable, she can express herself clearly. Trust and loyalty are present in she and her friends relationship, which help strengthens connections.

An example from Yolngu

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