'An Indian Father's Plea' By Robert Lake

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Culture is the building block for life. It sets society's standards, it sets our own standards, and everything we know is all because of our culture. Culture is a way of thinking, a way of behaving and learning. We express our opinions based upon our beliefs, and define ourselves by what aspects of our culture we choose to show. Culture's impact on someone's perspective of others and the world is greater than its other influencers because it can change how you interact with people, your ability to change, and your opinions of the world. Without the knowledge of what culture is and does, we as a society would be lost. In the essay, “An Indian Father’s Plea” by Robert Lake, the author takes to explain to his audience that your culture can greatly impact your perspective of others. For example, when the teacher Wind-Wolf a slow learner, the father writes a letter explaining why wind-wolf is not, but in fact the opposite. The author said “If you ask him how many months there are in a year he will probably tell you 13. He will respond this way not because he does not know how to count, but because he was taught by our traditional people.” (lake). This example shows that because the teacher’s …show more content…

One who lives an American lifestyle to one who lives a traditional Indian lifestyle. The purpose of the passage is basically stating that culture doesn't change us, we change ourselves. “In the passage” immigration separates the two sisters. Now while both are supposed to return to India. To marry the guys their father chosen. Mira feels a sense of betrayal. Mainly because they are living in the US, but Mira is living a traditional Indian lifestyle. While Bharati loves America and American traditions. The author states several times how the sisters were at odds with each other because of the fact that they are liking two different

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