Medicine Grizzlybear's Essay 'Two Kinds'

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Culture affects how one views others and the world around them in a large way as shown by past experiences, heritage, and family. Family affects our culture because the people we spend our life with have such a large impact on the way we act. Moreover our past experiences affect us by learning from what we and others do and the result. Things one has experienced in the past greatly affects how one views the world. This is clearly shown in Robert Lake’s(Medicine Grizzlybear’s) essay, “An Indian Father’s Plea.” In it, he discusses his son, Wind-Wolf, and how his teacher should not label him a slow learner just because the things he learned previously differ from the things they learn in the classroom, making him struggle with the …show more content…

Family affects how people see what kind of person you are from the outside view. Family is not always a positive situation; everyone has their own down faults. This point is shown in the story “Two Kinds” by Amy Tan. The situation in this story was all about family and the processes that make your culture better from the lessons that have happened or you have learned. In Two Kinds, there was this little girl named Ni Kan and her mother wanted her to be just like her. The mother wanted Ni Kan to follow the footsteps she made, but the daughter sure was was not having it. She wanted to make her own decisions and do her own thing, however, her mom basically forced her too. For example, her mom made her learn and play the piano considering she was horrible and couldn’t learn very easily. Her mom always wanted her to be like her when she was little, but Ni Kan has different interests. This passage reflects to family and how people see their culture from the outside picture because in the passage it says that people know how the daughter feels and believes she should be able to make her own choices. Their culture and life is viewed from the outside picture too others and what we may see in life

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