Examples Of Cultural Legacies

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Due to the constant contact between various people of the nation, there is some kind adaptation of one kind of culture from other. The impact of such contribution of culture is known as the culture legacies. Each national history and culture unfolds in its own particular way. Sometimes it could be the explanation for people’s previously inexplicable behaviors. In Chapter six of Outliers, Gladwell claims that cultural legacies “play such a role in directing attitudes and behaviors that we cannot make sense of our world without them”(175). In the film Stand and Deliver, Escalante is strongly aware of his students’ cultural legacies and takes as an advantage to change their attitudes in his classroom, his use of his knowledge of his students ' cultural legacies in his teaching practices. In this sense, culture legacies are powerful and persist and affect people attitudes and behaviors. Culture legacies play important roles in people attitudes and behaviors. In Outliers, Gladwell talks about an experiment that was conducted by Dov Cohen and Richard Nisbett: what is the insult that would go to the heart of an eighteen-to-twenty-year-old’s brain? They found out, “It’s one thing to conclude that groups of people living in circumstances pretty similar to their ancestors’ act a lot like their ancestors” (174). People from different regions have different reactions. Most of the young men from the northern part of the United States treated the incident with amusement. But the

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