Cultural Self Reflection Report

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The way our societies view other cultures and spread the perceptions regarding them is an unfair practice. It causes discrimination and judgment to foster in the mind of the coming generations and they in turn spread these views even more and thus strengthen those perceptions. While I viewed culture as a part of one’s identity or genetics, I feel like I was rather apathetic to reality. Pride is a fault common in all human beings. We simply refuse to admit our mistakes when proven wrong. This reflection helps in the understanding of why things happen the way they do or how it effects my thought process. It is about going beyond the general concept of things and into the root of the idea. The development of such concepts allows me to ask the …show more content…

Through this self-reflection I also understood how my actions effected the people around me and the impact their actions had on me too. As Newton said, every action has an equal in magnitude and opposite in direction reaction. I found out this to be especially true. We say and do many things without realizing just how big an effect they have on the people around us or even our surrounding and environment. For instance in today’s world the standards of beauty are mostly related to models and actors and as such. If I were to praise this concept of beauty, this would be like saying that everybody should have surgeries and as such to make themselves beautiful. This is what people would understand from my opinions about the concept of beauty. Everybody has their own definition of beauty. It is a concept that varies with place to place or even time to time. What was considered beautiful in the 1900s is hugely different from what is considered beautiful now. This shows how our concepts and perspectives impact those around us. This is not just limited to our thought process though, what we do also effects people around us. Our surrounds effects our habits a lot. For instance if I am around people who smoke, it is more likely that I will start smoking as

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