Worldview: My Personal Culture

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Definition of the word worldview can vary greatly, ranges from “we are all what we think” which has been inspired by Buddha, to a more current view being that it is a set of assumptions and beliefs that have an all-powerful effect , both on cognition and behavior. In brief, worldview influences and impacts the way a person view their surroundings, their lives as well as other people in their environment (Sue & Sue, 2003). Culture is only a single word that besets a plethora of categories which can influence a person’s thoughts, beliefs, actions and morals. Enclosing a myriad of life experiences, family values and lessons into a single word is quite a challenge. I am a product of Italian American culture. I have grown up in Florida which is a diverse area which makes my personal culture contain numerous influences. Both my maternal and paternal sides of my family are pure Italian Americans. There is not much known about my great grandparents but they are believed to be peasants who migrated from Sicily into United States in the 1800’s. Traditions, influenced by beliefs, rituals and values are passed down or inherited by one generation to another (Inglehart & Baker, 2000). Many Italian Americans try to carry on traditions and cultures that their grandparents and parents had. In Italy, all families had farms in which they grew their fruits and vegetables. One of the worthwhile traditions that have been passed down my family remains the great family centered culture,

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