Familial Capital Essay

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From Yosso’s article I choose to do it on Culture Capital Narrative on Familial Capital. Familial Capital is a capital about information on family and extended family that has given your life by their own memories and cultural values. Familial Capital is a theme I can really connect well with my family and myself. My family has given me information on their on life and personal experiences they have gone through and cultural values they follow and respect.
My family is from the Middle East and being part of this particular cultural background there are traditions that has been followed for many years that involves my family and being Christians A tradition that is very popular in the Middle East and in my family is when it’s a holiday like Christmas and Easter we fast from meats and dairy days before the actual holiday. When it’s the day of the holiday we always attend church and have our communion and after church …show more content…

However, this can be a tradition that falls outside of the dominant or mainstream culture values by others who don’t have the same beliefs or just have a different way of celebrating certain holidays like Christmas and Easter that doesn’t involve fasting days before or taking communion at church.
Being part of this cultural and family that respect this tradition has indeed influence me a lot it has made me realize to appreciate cultural values that my family has and now I have now too. It also influence everything I do as a person it’s given me the tools to “ maintain a healthy connection to our community and resources” (Reese, Auerbach, Elenes, Lopez, as cited in Yosso, 2005, p.79). These tools has allowed me to be involve with others that share similarities and different ones as well but also to be open to new things round me and still keep the cultural values that I share from my

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