Essay On Family Values

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I believe that every family has their own roots, essence, uniqueness, beliefs and thoughts, some families have both parents, some just the mother, just the father, two mothers or two fathers, they might have an only child or two, or maybe 5 or even 10, therefore, those children start learning all these things from their family and surroundings, they ask questions, they imitate each other’s actions and are constantly learning and trying to catch as much information and experiences as possible. Children are growing fast, their parents are their role models, they learn mostly from them; parents have the tremendous job of forming good citizens that provide to society, healthy and happy beings that keep growing as humans in every stage of their …show more content…

When facing a new stage of your life, new people appear, and like everyone, you want to make a good first impression, and that is when good manners come in, the way to treat people, the way you talk to them and how you act in front of someone says a lot about yourself. In my family, good manners are everything, you have to be respectful to everyone even if they are being rude to you, I grew up knowing that you have to give without expecting to receive something back, not only things or objects, also words and actions, I have always been aware that respect is your best first and last impression, your manners are what builds you as a person and that is what I have been practicing them all my life, those were the values given to me, and I will keep them. I believe that having good manners makes you feel even better about yourself, it opens doors to new opportunities, new people with the same values as mine, that are going to rely on me because of their trust, because they will know what I’m made up of. Good manners became valuable to me since childhood because I realized that being respectful to everyone was like respecting

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