Personal Values Essay

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The two important values that I have learnt are the independence and the respect. I learnt these two values since my childhood. One of the values is the independence. Independence means that you can support yourself without owning or depending on yourself concerned with livelihood or studying. You can make decision of your life without being controlled by the others. I learnt this when I was 10 years old because since at that time I was able to cook for my family. I went to the market alone, cooked the healthy food for the family and did every house work. Therefore, I became the main role of the family and independent to take care of my family. This value helps me a lot when I became an international student. Living alone without the family is one of the worst things in the world especially for the teenagers who cannot depend on themselves. For me, at least I can bear than anyone else because I can depend on myself for domestic works. I don’t need to own to anyone and also my parent don’t need to worry about me. They believe in me that I can live properly and depend on myself. Except trying to adapt the new society and environment, everything is fine for me. I do my works regularly, wash and iron the clothes, study myself and cook for the food. This is the benefit of the independence that I have learnt from my childhood. Another one is the respect which I learnt from my parent, teachers and also from our culture. Respect is one of the ways of showing honor or esteem for

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