Essay On Value Proposition

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One of the hardest fought for attributes of a brand is knowing that customers consider that the brand has value. We learned in our lesson that perceived value is a key attribute towards selling a brand. Writing a value proposition and keeping it current could help these business leaders to determine and clarify the unique characteristics their business will need to identify to better market their brand. In this paper, I desire to convey what a value proposition is and how it can help leaders chart a successful course through changing times.
Although difficult to do, writing a compelling value proposition is a vital part of marketing a brand. Until leaders can state why their brand has value, how can they influence customer behavior with targeted marketing? One of the basic purposes of a value proposition is to determine the benefits their brand has for consumers. Another key aspect of a value proposition is linking the brand benefits to specific features of the brand. Leaders need to take the time to view their brand from the perspective of their targeted customer. As a result of writing a value proposition, a brand should be able to clearly …show more content…

But that does not mean that their industry is on the decline. Recently I traveled to a nearby city to catch a flight and discovered that a local hotel offered long term airport parking at a discount compared to the local parking lots with a free shuttle to the airport terminal. Innovative amenities like this can really add value by providing a needed service that has little to do with the traditional hotel services. If they continue to look for services travelers need, hotels will surely continue the long history all successful industries have surmounted in the past, identify and provide innovative, value-based products and

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