Essay On Intrinsic Value

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Definition: Intrinsic value is defined as a certain good that is worthwhile, not because it leads to the good of something else but for its own sake. The good in itself is recognised. Money for example can be a means to pleasure and some happiness but this is not evident in intrinsic value or good. Only states of consciousness can be intrinsically regarded as good. It also considers that certain beliefs or values are what they are. We may not always be able to control what makes us happy but being happy is experienced as a good emotion. Instrumental good or value can lead to something else that is good. It can lead to another instrumental good or even intrinsic value. An object is indirectly or indirectly leading to value. If the action is enjoyable than it leads to happiness and therefore leads to the value of happiness. Rhino poaching in SA has increased dramatically over the last few years and one of the main issues that comes to mind is wildlife preservation. In order for me to fully comprehend this it is important to take into consideration the role and definition of intrinsic and instrumental value as well as the observed …show more content…

Then there is another monitory value attached to it, the making of jewellery and other ornaments. Now the question rises, is it then acceptable based on these reasons for these societies to have access to Rhino horn? Human’s desires has led to the tragedy of commons. South Africa faces challenges in this regard such as high unemployment, corruption and inequality that is continuing to increase, all of which makes it somehow logical for these perpetrators to poach Rhinos of their horns, sell it and gain profit. Perhaps this is all because of the prevalence in in moral

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