King Cobra Rainforest

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The findings and analysis of this study are very interesting. Along with the vast array of ecological significance of Agumbe, there are many other cultural and spiritual beliefs attached to it. It was found that the importance of Agumbe rainforest has been exemplified due to the presence of King Cobra in this area. People have taken initiative to preserve the rainforest in the name of Nagabana. This part of forests cannot be destroyed under any circumstances as that area is devoted to their snake god. Moreover, there are numerous beliefs attached to King Cobra itself. The most interesting and unique belief is the one where people are required to perform the ritual of antim sanskar, if they come across any dead King Cobra.
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King Cobra needs cool and moist area to survive which has now been disrupted by massive amount of deforestation and human encroachment of land. According to Romulus Whitaker, famous herpetologist, though there has been no specific count of King Cobras, it can be safely concluded that they have become very rare in most areas. (Sivakumar, 2012)
BB Mallesha, director of Dandeli-Anshi tiger reserve explained in an interview that construction of various dams, forest degradation, hunting & poaching, trade of skin & meat, and medicines purposes are the major threats to the survival of King Cobra.
Several initiatives have been take in the local level to preserve the vulnerable species. People have been trained in the areas where the survival of King Cobra thrives; one of such place is Agumbe. ARRS is playing an important role in Agumbe for the preservation of King Cobra. (Kumar, 2014) Such initiative have to be encouraged and many more actions should be taken at both local and national level to ensure the sustainability of forests like Agumbe and vulnerable species like King Cobra.
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This can be extended to test the conceptual framework of nonuse value in other areas as well. The best location could be the places that fall in the area of Western Ghats where people would place cultural and traditional beliefs to certain species. For example, the studies have been conducted in Kerala to show the cultural value of snakes among people. (Anonymous, unpublished) However, it does not treat culture as a component of nonuse value; so conducting a study in Kerala to estimate the willingness to pay among people for the preservation of Cobras which are significance in terms of cultural and ritual beliefs is

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