Cnidaria Essays

  • Comparison Of Phylum Cnidaria And Jellyfishes

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    they have only two tissue layers, ectoderm and endoderm. Phylum Cnidaria are acoelomate, lacking a body cavity. Because Phylum Cnidaria are acoelomate, embryonic development does not apply to the phylum. Phylum Cnidaria name derives from cnidocytes which are special stinging cells that are used to trap its prey. Phylum Cnidaria have two body forms known as polyps, sessile or free-living, and medusas, free-swimming. Phylum Cnidaria also have no vascular system; thus, the gastrovascular cavity reaches

  • Metridium Research Paper

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    Natalie Koch Bio 2 Metridium The metridium, which is also known as the plumose anemones, is a sea anemone that is classified under the kingdom Animalia and the phylum Cnidaria. Which is the same phylum as jellyfishes and corals. The metridium is typically found in cooler waters of the Pacific and Atlantic oceans up in the Northern Hemisphere (, 2013). They typically collect in deep rock openings, or in deep regions under docks, floats, or pilings (Fretwell, 2013). In some instances

  • Sea Wasp: Box Jellyfish Organism

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    eight different groups within its taxonomy, which are the: domain, kingdom, phylum, class, order, family, genus, and species. The Domain of this specific organism is Eukarya, the kingdom of the organism is Animalia, the phylum of the organism is Cnidaria, the class of the organism is the Cubozoa, the order of the organism is the Chirodropida, the family of the organism is Chirodropidae, the genus of the organism is Chironex, the species name is C. fleckeri, the Scientific name of the organism is

  • Cnidarian Project Essay

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    Cnidarian Project Anthony Hand Illini Bluffs High School A cnidarian is an animal, therefore classified in the kingdom of Animalia, from the phylum Cnidaria. They are all classified as invertebrate which means they do not have a backbone. At some point in their lives they are a polyp and a medusa. They are all radially symmetric, and can either live in large colonies or on their own. While most Cnidarians live in the water, I have chosen one that lives only in the larval stage underwater. It is

  • Coral Reef Essay

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    Abstract Belize’s coral reef is a beautiful ecosystem, comprising of approximately 500 species of fish. It is one of the largest reefs in the world, second to Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. The reef serves as a natural break from water waves. In 1998, two seemingly unrelated events occurred that destroyed Belize’s coral reef. In November, Hurricane Mitch, blew in and tore away part of the reef leaving behind some corals, known as the “standing dead”. After that, El Niño came along and brought warmer

  • Green Sea Turtle Essay

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    Green Sea turtles are also called Pacific Green turtles and Black Sea Turtles. Its scientific name is Chelonia mydas. It belongs to the family ‘Cheloniidae’ and genus ‘Chelonia’. This species is found in the seas of tropical and subtropical areas. It has two diverse populations in Atlantic Ocean and Pacific Ocean. Green sea turtles have flattened bodies which are covered by big carapace. They have two large flippers. Their colors are light but the species that are living in the eastern Pacific

  • Sirenia In Humans

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    Sirenia is a small order consisting of two major families namely Dugongidae and Trichechidea. The family Trichechidea has three species namely : West Indian Manatees (Trichechus Manatees) , African Manatees ( Trichecus senegalensis ) , Amazonian manatees (Trichechus inunguis). There is stand out surviving part of family Dugongidae, dugongs (Dugong dugon). They are large aquatic mammals with tapering to paddle like dorsoventrally flattened bilobed tails .The order Sirenia is based on sirens i.e

  • Yeti Crab Adaptations

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    Adaptations allow deep-sea creatures to survive in extreme environments. There are many different adaptations that allow an animal to survive. The three common adaptations consist of habitat, appearance, and diet. The Giant Squid, Zombie Worm, and the Yeti Crab utilized these adaptations to survive, and without them it would be difficult to nearly impossible to keep their species alive and flourishing. Each one of theses species is suited for its environment and survival tasks through its adaptations

  • Essay On Chelonia

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    *The order Chelonia includes tortoises, terrapins and turtles. *They are described as ‘reptiles in boxes’ as their body is enclosed in box like dorsal carapace and ventral plastron. *Chelonians are believed to be the direct descendants of primitive cotylosaurs.

  • Manatee Research Paper

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    The trichechus most commonly known as the manatee is a large aquatic mammal with ancestors dating back to 45 million years. The modern manatee has been found in fossil evidence to have existed for at least 1 million years. Living in shallow bodies of fresh and saltwater the manatee is mostly a gentle solitary animal, with highly developed social skills. While different variations of the manatee live across the world, all manatees are slow moving herbivores with very few natural predators. While the

  • Chitons Essay

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    Chitons are a class of mollusc called Polyplacophora, when examined, share the same anatomical features as those of the first molluscs on earth. This means that they are t closely related to the beginning of the mollusc group. These molluscs vary in size but have the same features as a long, oval flat body with a segmented mantle to protect the ventral of the chiton. These organism have learned to create a “suction” affect using their ventral to hold on to rocks so that they do not get washed away

  • The Seven Characteristics Of Starfish: The Life Of Human Life

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    There are seven characteristics which make organisms different from non living things. These characteristics include growth, reproduction, irritability, movement, nutrition, excretion and respiration. The starfish is considered to be alive because it portrays the seven characteristics of a living organism. A starfish is considered to be undefined. It is continuously growing and all cells preserve the aptitude to develop into whatever section is considered necessary. several variety of starfish encompass

  • Marine Hermit Crabs

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    Hermit crabs are marine crabs of the family Paguridae, the most common being Pagurus bernhardus, and are found off of the coast of Europe and the Americas (“Hermit Crabs”). There are two main families of hermit crabs: marine hermit crabs and land hermit crabs. Marine hermit crabs mostly live underwater in various depths of saltwater, while land hermit crabs mostly live on land, but can also survive under water. Land hermit crabs are found in tropical areas, more specifically those of the Indo-Pacific

  • King Cobra Rainforest

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    Summary The findings and analysis of this study are very interesting. Along with the vast array of ecological significance of Agumbe, there are many other cultural and spiritual beliefs attached to it. It was found that the importance of Agumbe rainforest has been exemplified due to the presence of King Cobra in this area. People have taken initiative to preserve the rainforest in the name of Nagabana. This part of forests cannot be destroyed under any circumstances as that area is devoted to their

  • Which Country Has The Most Islands Essay

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    Which Country Has the Most Islands? Estimates show that approximately 700 million people on earth live on islands, most of whom have unique cultures that have significance in their environmental resources. Islands are very popular with people who want to have good and relaxed time because of the experiences they offer by being hotbeds of biodiversity having rare flora and species. Because of their remoteness, islands are good examples of clean environments that support healthy organisms including

  • Beautiful Places In Madagascar

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    Beautiful places in Madagascar Madagascar, one of the most splendid island found off the southeast coast on Africa. The huge island is home to several animal species, such as lemurs. It is also famous for its rainforest, beaches and reefs. One of the most visited attraction is the ‘’Avenue of Baobabs found near Antananarivo, the capital of the island. Madagascar has a variety of things to discover and have unique features that attract tourists all around the world. Palais d’Andafravatra The palais

  • Why Sea Cucumbers Are Echinoderm Animals

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    Sea cucumber Introduction: Sea cucumbers are echinoderm animals that belong to the class Holothuroidea. These marine animals are characterized by their leathery skin and an elongated body. They are more than 1250 classified species of sea cucumber that can be found in oceans throughout the world. Usually sea cucumbers live on the sea floor. All sea cucumbers are ocean dwellers, though some inhabit the shallows intertidal zones while others live in the deep ocean of 5,000 m and more. Most sea

  • Essay On Coral Reefs

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    Coral reefs. By: Valentina Sarria. Coral reefs are one of the most diverse and complex habitats. They are one of the most interesting and colorful ecosystems found in the marine environment. They are very unique in many different ways and a crucial support for human life. They play also a very important role in the marine life such as giving shelter and food for millions of species including fishes, crabs, or shrimps. They support 33% of marine fish species. They also have specific and certain

  • Coral Bleaching

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    Corals reefs are known as the “home” for most of the marine species. They are variety of biological community found underwater strengthened by an organic compound, calcium carbonate, excreted by corals. Though most of the marine ecosystems are consist of massive and diverse population of coral reefs, they are still considered as delicate ecosystems, especially on various conditions. When they are stressed due to constant change of conditions like temperature,they yield a negative outcome called coral

  • Meandrina Research Paper

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    Chase Ward Mrs. Walser Bio 2 8-31-15 Meandrina Throughout the ocean are many different types of corals, but located along the foot of the Caribbean Sea and Gulf of Mexico lies the Meandrina. The Meandrina is a coral that can form spherical heads along with flat plates that extend for yards beneath the sea. Within the genus of Meandrina you have the meandrites. Meandrites are sometimes known as the “maze coral” this type of Meandrina is found on the slopes underneath the water in the common areas