The Seven Characteristics Of Starfish: The Life Of Human Life

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There are seven characteristics which make organisms different from non living things. These characteristics include growth, reproduction, irritability, movement, nutrition, excretion and respiration. The starfish is considered to be alive because it portrays the seven characteristics of a living organism. A starfish is considered to be undefined. It is continuously growing and all cells preserve the aptitude to develop into whatever section is considered necessary. several variety of starfish encompass the ability to redevelop, which means that if an arm is lost, it is able to grow an entire new limb in given a period of time. A small number of species of starfish can again grow a complete new disc or echinoderm from a single limb, while other species require a part of the central disc to be attached to the dethatched part. An echinoderm is a male or female starfish. A Starfish reproduces asexually by a method known as spawning. It encompasses sexual organs or gonads in each arm, for this reason, a female starfish can discharge one hundred million eggs into the water. Starfishes assemble in groups, in order for reproduction to occur, which increases the probability that the sperm and the egg will find each other. Starfishes are aquatic animals universally observed in rocky tide pools, and washed up onto the shores of all the world’s oceans. They reside in tropical intertidal zones and also on the sea floors in colder climates. Starfishes are classified as invertebrates’

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